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Spot-on rotary lasers are on the level

June 20 2014

In days past, finding and setting levels could be an arduous task, sometimes involving hours of work and teams of people working in tandem

You might have seen a tradesman or home handyman using a string line, or maybe somebody manipulating a piece of clear plastic tubing filled with water to find a level. You might have even encountered a scenario as extreme as using the distant horizon as a straight line guide. Those old methods could be perfectly effective and no doubt there are people who still swear by them, particularly the good old bubble horizontal level.

But there is no denying most traditional methods can involve hard work, take a fair bit of time and sometimes simply aren’t as accurate as needed.

That’s where the rotary laser level comes into play. Rotary laser levels cast a laser beam through 360 degrees, in effect displaying a laser beam “chalkline on four walls at once, with 100 percent accuracy. If that’s not impressive enough, how about a vertical laser “chalkline” which hits the walls, the ceiling and the floor, all at once! Rotary laser levels can do all that, and more.

Rotary laser levels such as Spot-on’s General A1 Rotary Laser are pretty much the ultimate levelling tool and their uses are as many as there are construction jobs, ranging from concrete, building foundations, fencing, grading – where do we stop? – through to straight lines for painting and wallpapering

Rotary laser levels have indoor and outdoor applications, although lasers used outdoors will require a beam detector, which is why Spot-on provides detectors where required.

A Spot-on rotary laser level is one of the must-haves in a tradesman’s tool kit, not just because they work so well and are so precise but also because they come with impressive warranties and long battery life. As well, we ensure they have all the accessories such as LCD detector and clamp, laser target, laser glasses, heavy duty carry case, batteries and battery charger.

Check out our stockists and give a Spot-on laser a try – you’ll find our products are really on the level.

Mark Hunter

Founder and CEO
The inventor of the original, patented Spot on Laser Level, Mark has been a pioneer in the laser and tool market for over 25 years, maintaining a keen eye on quality and global market trends.