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Spot-on Golf Ball Photo Competition

September 9 2014Golf Ball Photo Competition

Win a jet-powered kayak!

Spot‑on is hosting a golf ball photo competition, and the winner will get a jet-powered kayak.

To enter, all you have to do is take a picture of one of our golf balls at the most unique place you can think of. (Good taste applies.) After that, just post it to our Facebook page, and get as many people to Like your photo as you can. Only thing we ask is that the Spot‑on logo on the golf ball must be visible.

At the close of the competition, the twelve photos with the most Likes will be put into a Hot List. Spot‑on will then select the best one from there, and the owner of that photo will win the jet-powered kayak!

To get you started, here are some ideas of cool places to take your Spot‑on golf ball.

Golf Ball Photo Competition Examples

Where do I get a Spot‑on golf ball in the first place?

Ask your local stockists. They'll be able to arrange a golf ball for you.

Otherwise, if we're at a trade event that you're also attending, you're more than welcome to come up to us and ask for one.

And upload the picture where?

To our Facebook page.

Am I limited to just one entry?

Nope. Enter as many pictures as you want. We know that your travel plans, as with life, aren't always predictable, and you might find yourself unexpectedly visiting an even cooler place than where you took the last pic.

When do you need my pictures by?

30 June, 2015.

After that, we'll go through the shortlisting and selection process, and the winner will be notified via Facebook by mid‑July.

Win this jet-powered kayak!

So give it a go. Get a golf ball, bring it with you on your travels, and take some really special pictures. Go scuba diving with it. Go skydiving with it. Go flying with it. Hang gliding. Sailing. Racing. Rallying. Hiking. The best sunset you've ever seen. A solar eclipse. Top of The Shard. Bottom of the Turda salt mine. That kayak could be yours.

Good luck, and have fun.

(Use common sense. Don't be stupid. These photos are being uploaded on to Facebook. Don't violate Facebook's terms of use. Don't risk your life. Don't risk other people's lives. Don't do anything illegal. Don't break into the White House. Spot‑on does not condone these sorts of behaviour. Pictures deemed inappropriate will not be accepted. Stay safe.)

(Oh, and you need to be at least 18 and an Australian resident to be eligible for the prize.)

Colin McMillan

National Sales Manager
Colin’s near 30 years of experience in the tool market, on both sides of the retailer–supplier relationship, allows him to constantly come up with unique marketing approaches to retailing products.