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Select Your Trade: Find Your Laser Level and Tools

October 29 2014

Spot‑on offers a wide range of laser levels and inspection and measurement tools. With products from DIY (Homeline) to semi‑pro (General) to professional (Powerline), we're bound to have something that can suit your needs.

Question is: how do you figure out what suits your needs?

Select Your Trade Display at United Tools Hobart

We recently installed a new, 1.6 metre-wide display for the United Tools Hobart store in Tasmania, showcasing a selection of the tools and accessories we offer.

“That's great, you guys put together another shelving unit,” say you. Sure, that in and of itself might sound unremarkable, but what's special and different about this shelving unit is the new Select Your Trade technology.

Select Your Trade Display at United Tools Hobart, Control Panel

While many of our products will project laser lines and/or dots in one form or another, the way a unit is driven and the features it provides make it more appropriate to particular use cases and scenarios. A rotary laser is ill‑suited for tiling purposes compared to a 3DR line laser, for example.

That's where our innovative Select Your Trade technology comes in. At the press of a button, the shelves light up to highlight a select range of particular models, showing you at a glance which ones best fit your work. It's the quick and easy answer to the question, “This is what I do for a living. Which of Spot‑on's laser levels and tools should I be considering?”

We think this will be super helpful to users, and we're hoping to roll this out to more locations soon. In the meantime though, those of you in Hobart should definitely visit Derwent Park and give this one a try. We think it's pretty nifty, and we'd love to hear what you think about it.

After all, you press a button, and pretty lights flash on. And who doesn't like pretty lights?

Mark Hunter

Founder and CEO
The inventor of the original, patented Spot on Laser Level, Mark has been a pioneer in the laser and tool market for over 25 years, maintaining a keen eye on quality and global market trends.