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Spot‑on Brings Its Expertise and Leadership in Laser Levels and Tools to New Zealand

May 16 2016

It's been a long time coming, but the market leader in laser measurements is finally arriving at Australia's next‑door neighbour.

Spot‑on Launches in New Zealand

We've actually had users in New Zealand before today. Not sure which way they acquired them; maybe second-hand, maybe they had one when they were working in Australia and liked it so much that they brought it back with them. Point is, for the past few years, we have had enquiries and support calls from kiwi owners, and heard plenty of feedback from them.

That's when we realised there might be an opportunity in New Zealand. So we started looking into it.

And the more we did, the more we realised there were actually plenty of things Spot‑on could bring to the table. Our rotary and line lasers were already some of the best, class-leading models in the Australian market. We have been offering much better features, and more advanced technology. We could provide way more value to the user.

It dawned on us that we already had the portfolio to become the best in New Zealand. On top of that, with our nearly three decades worth of industry experience, our deep knowledge and expertise, we could give customers much better service and support, such as free calibrations.

So today, I am very excited to announce that, two weeks ago, our first shipment of products had arrived in New Zealand stores.

I would like to thank Trig Instruments in Wellington and Potters in Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington for being our launch partners in this new market. I have come to know Kevin Stevens at Trig and Andrew Clemmet at Potters as we worked to put this together, and they and their team have been invaluable in helping get us on track. We must also make an honourable mention to Paul Brown of George Henry (Christchurch) for assisting us in our corporate detail and, soon, to add Spot‑on products to his two retail outlets. So if you're in New Zealand and you're looking to check out our gear, please give them a call or pay them a visit. You don't need to get a plane ticket to visit your nearest local stockist anymore.

We look forward to bringing our A game and innovation to New Zealand. I'm sure there is still much for us to learn in this new playing field, so as with Australia, we've set up a 24/7 phone number not just for customer support, but also for your feedback. Just call 0800 FORLASERS (0800 367 527), or check our Contact Us page and Like us on Facebook.

Lastly, congratulations to Jared for being the first official user in New Zealand to register their Spot‑on purchase.

Mark Hunter

Founder and CEO
The inventor of the original, patented Spot on Laser Level, Mark has been a pioneer in the laser and tool market for over 25 years, maintaining a keen eye on quality and global market trends.