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Powerline 3D Hybrid Multi-line Laser

We’ve built on our previous 3DR to create this new Powerline 3D Hybrid, the next generation of multi‑line laser levels from Spot‑on.

Not only can the 3D Hybrid shoot three 360° lines, we’ve included a more powerful green laser for the 360° horizontal line, providing even better visibility indoors.

And while it can be powered for up to eight hours by alkaline batteries, we know there are times when you don’t have spare AAs lying around in a pinch, so we’ve also added the ability for the unit to be mains‑powered.

The Powerline 3D Hybrid also features class-leading accuracy at ±1.5 mm at 10 m, up to twice as accurate as the competition in this category. Combined with its tilt alarm, pulse mode, and included detector, you can be sure that the laser lines you’re getting are as accurate and reliable as possible.

  • 2 × 360° red vertical lines at 90° apart
  • 1 × 360° green horizontal line
  • Plumb up (crossline)
  • Plumb down (crossline)
  • Pulse mode (detector use)
  • Out-of-level alarm
  • Mains power
Powerline 3D Hybrid line projections


  • Accuracy: ±1.5 mm at 10 m
  • Laser class: 2 Red and 3 Green
  • Operating range: 60 m with detector
  • Levelling range: ±4°
  • IP rating: 54
  • Battery type: Alkaline
  • Battery life: 8 hours
  • Warranty: 3 years


  • Powerline 3D Hybrid
  • Detector and clamp
  • Modular wall mount
  • Laser target and glasses
  • Carry case
  • Power adaptor
  • Batteries


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