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Lasertec ML3 Multi-line Laser

The Lasertec ML3 multi-line laser features ultra-bright red laser beams for precise indoor levelling tasks and can be used in conjunction with the included detector for outdoor use.

Self-levelling is a simple operation of unlocking the levelling system and you’re ready to go.

The Lasertec ML3 includes an indoor elevating tripod in the kit that enables the laser level to be positioned off the floor or fixed platform and have its height precisely adjusted to where required up-to approximately 1500mm.

An out-of-level alert will inform the operator that the laser level is not level or is outside of its levelling range and should be checked before any measurement is carried out.



  • Pendulum‐based self‐levelling
  • 3 × horizontal line equalling 360°
  • 4 × red vertical lines spaced 90° apart
  • Vertical plumb
  • Pulse mode for detector use
  • Out‐of‐level alert
Illustration of the lines projected by Lasertec ML3


  • Accuracy: ±2 mm at 10 m
  • Laser class: 2 Red
  • Range: 50 m (with optional detector)
  • Levelling range: ±5°
  • Battery life: 10+ hours
  • IP raing: 65
  • Warranty: 3 years


  • Lasertec ML3
  • Detector and clamp
  • Indoor tripod
  • Tripod spacer
  • Target & glasses
  • Alkaline batteries
  • Carry case

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