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Spot-on Laser Levels and Tools Frequently Asked Questions

Spot-on laser levels come with an Australian calibration certificate. Is this important?

An Australian calibration certificate is very important as it indicates the unit has been checked for accuracy after manufacture. Unfortunately, some companies fail to check and calibrate instruments before sale. All Spot-on optical lasers, rotary laser levels, dot and line lasers are individually checked by our service technicians, assuring quality and precision prior to dispatch from our facility in Geelong.

Can I use a laser level outdoors without a laser receiver?

When using a laser level outside in the sun a laser receiver or laser detected is needed. Safety regulations do not permit a beam powerful enough to be clearly visible in sunlight.

Are the laser glasses for eye protection?

No, laser glasses are designed to increase the visibility of the laser.

Are laser levels safe to use?

As with any tool, when a laser level is used properly it is probably the safest tool in your toolbox.

How often should my laser level be calibrated?

Spot-on recommends that all lasers and optical levels being used regularly should be checked for calibration every six months and no major work should be started without checking your unit.

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Diesel generators are the most popular choice as diesel is easy obtained and the least flammable fuel source.