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Spot‑on’s Laser Levels and Customer Service Awarded by Total Tools

September 8 2015

Last Monday, Spot‑on flew to the Gold Coast to attend Total Tools' annual conference. We packed our bags filled to the brim with our laser levels and tripods and enthusiasm, ready for another show-and-tell and catching up with some old friends.

We enjoyed the hospitality as the week went by, and the conference was positive and constructive. But the best thing was the dinner on Thursday night.

See, over the last year, we'd been working hard to improve the experiences for our Total Tools customers. There was a list of new products introduced, and we continued to support the many Insiders' Nights with amazing deals. For the stores themselves, we installed and maintained displays to better showcase the wide selection of laser measurement tools available, and introduced innovative customer care solutions like our accuracy check service.

And for all that work, Total Tools recognised us with a Supplier of the Year award.


You can understand why we're quite chuffed about this. We're proud to add yet another award to our collection, and many congratulations to the Spot‑on team for all the hard work they'd put in.

Thanks to our partners at Total Tools as well. Many of you stopped by to pat us on the back and affirm that we deserved the award, proof that retailers are on board with Spot‑on's destination store concept. But the truth is we also needed you guys. We shared the passion together, or a lot of this would not have been implemented.

Count on us to aim even higher in the coming year, and get even further ahead of the pack.

Total Tools Supplier of the Year Award 2014–2015
Mark Hunter

Founder and CEO
The inventor of the original, patented Spot on Laser Level, Mark has been a pioneer in the laser and tool market for over 25 years, maintaining a keen eye on quality and global market trends.